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Our comprehensive online training course on ‘How to Survive an Active Shooter’ delves deep into pre-attack indicators, the fight-or-flight response, and law enforcement arrival strategies. Gain the skills and confidence you need to protect yourself and others in critical moments. 

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What We Offer

blue-ethos.com Active Threat and Threat Assessments

Active Threat and Threat Assessments

We’re dedicated to providing active shooter training, threat and preparedness trainings to public and private entities. We do this by improving safety and security, being prepared to handle external or internal threat, and teaching rapid response techniques.

Blue-ethos Defense Tactics and Use of Force

Defense Tactics and Use of Force

Whether it be state mandated Use of Force for license police officers or defensive tactics courses for private security we are fully equipped to handle your needs. We can provide training onsite or arrange a neutral location to provide your training. Our Use of Force instructors have years of experience and are prepared to train your staff.

Blue-Ethos.com Emergency Medical Responder (EMR Refresher)- First Aid Essentials- CPR

Emergency Medical Responder (EMR Refresher)- First Aid Essentials- CPR

Course Includes:

  • 16 Hour Emergency Medical Responder Refresher
  • 8 hour First Aid Essentials Refresher
  • CPR

Situational Awareness for Survival

Learn from Professor Drew Moldenhauer, co-author of How Smart Police Officers Use Situational Awareness To Improve Safety.
Learn lessons of survival from Sergeant Rich Webb and Officer Jerad Dixon as they tell their story about their officer-involved shooting which they were both awarded the Minnesota Chiefs of Police Medal of Honor.

Tactical EMR Refresher

This training is a hands on tactical approach to EMR Refresher. Day 1 will incorporate hands on skills and power point presentation that cover the requirements of EMR Refresher. Day 2 will be all scenarios in which officers will be assessed on their tactical skills as well as their live saving and medical skills during scenario based training.

From the PD Notebook
Officers train for all scenarios, including medical calls Minnetonka police officers certified as an emergency medical responders Read More…